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About EITC Carolinas

About EITC Carolinas

EITC Carolinas is an initiative of MDC, a non-profit working to build equity and opportunity by piloting projects and bringing them to scale in the areas of education, employment, and economic security.  EITC Carolinas began in 2003 as an outgrowth of another MDC project, the Program for the Rural Carolinas. Local coalitions in 8 rural counties in both North and South Carolina saw a need to promote the EITC and educate tax filers about the extremely high cost of Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs) in their areas. The first year, 3 groups focused on EITC outreach while 5 did both outreach and free tax preparation, completing 350 tax returns. of the

With the help
of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, who was interested in increasing their rural EITC work, EITC Carolinas became a statewide intermediary for rural EITC campaigns.  EITC Carolinas now provides assistance to rural, as well as urban, EITC outreach campaigns and free tax preparation programs in both North and South Carolina. EITC Carolinas works with an expanding network of free tax preparation programs through the IRS VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program and The Benefit Bank of NC, now managed by MDC.  The VITA and Benefit Bank organizations that partner with EITC Carolinas completed over 24,000 returns last year, saving tax filers an estimated $5 million dollars in tax preparation fees.

  • Ensure that eligible workers and families claim valuable tax credits
  • Support community free tax preparation sites 
  • Encourage families to pay down debt and build savings at tax time
  • Research state policies that support family economic stability
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